Well done but ask Danny not to trail off in an indecipherable whisper and then blow out eardrums a moment later. Very annoying. Modulation on Montlake please. 😉🤷🏼‍♂️

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Danny's volume has been an issue since you started - I think a headset mic to keep the volume consistent even if he's moving around would be something to try.

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Jimmy Lake thoughts:

- He had to be the best DB coach in the history of the PAC.

- I loved his sideline energy and he's seemed super positive, his twitter posts with the boat and the car were fun

- I and many other fans saw the defense regressing in terms of play calling when he took over as play-caller. It just didn't seem like he was ever winning the "chess match" (see: Grubb. Ryan) in between a DC and OC.

The DC move and the HC move were almost the same consideration: He seemed to be a great young, talented coach who was going to do big things and get a shot somewhere so it made sense for UW to try to give him those shots both times. I agreed with the logic of both moves at the time, it's too bad SOMEONE (CP?) couldn't have said to Cohen, "I've seen him for awhile, I like him, believe in him but I just don't know . . ."

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