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Christian - You and Danny noted on this episode how strange it is that Jedd Fisch said the first he heard of Tybo's misbehavior was when he got arrested. Even if that's true, isn't that also a problem that he in fact has some responsibility for?

When he got hired, he was very clear that his top priority was diving into the roster, particularly guys in the transfer portal. On Jan. 17, he told Mike Vorel:

"This afternoon we’re going to sit down with the personnel guys that have been here before and go through, really, who’s in the portal, and what’s that look like depth chart-wise? What’s the team look like right now? ... Who do we have that is interested in returning? And (we’ll) start meeting with them 1-on-1."

A few days later, Tybo entered the portal. Did Fisch not actually have a 1-on-1 with him? If he did, how did all of this not come up?

Even if we put aside Jedd Fisch for a second, what about Brennan Carroll? Wouldn't his first priority upon arrival also be analyzing his offense? Maybe he only focused on tape, but then what about Scottie Graham? The running back room isn't big (it was 8 guys including Jonah Coleman), and Tybo was the #1 returning RB from last year. Are we expected to believe that his evaluation of the position group he inherited was so cursory that this never came up?

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