Who are you, and what is this?

I’m Christian Caple, and On Montlake is my new site and newsletter dedicated to sourced, insightful reporting on the University of Washington football program. It will be similar to what I did the last four-plus years at The Athletic, and for four years before that at The (Tacoma) News Tribune. I grew up in Longview, Wash., attended UW, worked for the student newspaper, graduated in 2010 and have been covering college football ever since. Just at Washington, I’ve covered five head coaches, a CFP appearance, an 0-12 season, a Rose Bowl, two firings and four games played in an empty stadium.

Your support allows me to continue covering the UW football team — plus the Pac-12 and some other topics — with the kind of unique, differentiated stories you won’t find elsewhere.

How much does it cost?

You can purchase an annual subscription for $65, or a monthly subscription for $8 if you prefer a shorter-term commitment. For those who would like to provide additional support as I get started, I’m also offering a “Friend of the Program” tier. It’s priced at $150, but you have the option to pay some amount less than that, too. Friends of the Program are invited to join a monthly group Zoom call with me to chat informally about UW football, and will be given priority for mailbag questions.

A subscription grants access to everything I write and post here, including the archives. Better yet, each story also will be emailed to you directly as a newsletter. I also plan to post free stories on occasion, at least initially. Say Who, Say Pod — a weekly podcast I co-host with Danny O’Neil — also will remain free and available wherever you get your podcasts.

Join the community at On Montlake. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

What do I get?

About three stories per week, which could include game analysis, practice insights, columns, features, mailbags, picks, power rankings, Q-and-As with UW newsmakers and more. We publish one episode of Say Who, Say Pod per week, typically on Thursdays.

I have more questions

Let’s hear ‘em! Feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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